Audition information
for SINFONIA Orchestra


Perform the listed scales with good tone quality, consistent rhythm, and accurate intonation throughout. Play separately with a quarter note for each pitch at approximately quarter note equals 88 beats per minute.

 Use the Sinfonia Orchestra Scale sheet (p.2) or use your own to perform the following:

  • Violin: C, G, D, A, Bb two octaves plus FM one OR two octaves Major scales.

  • Viola: C, G, D, F, two octaves plus A & Bb one octave Major scales.

  • Cello: C, G, D, F two octaves plus A & Bb one octave Major scales. 

  • Bass: C, G, D, A, F, and Bb Major one octave OR any 2 octave Major scales.  


Prepare the excerpts (p.3) at the marked metronome tempos with an emphasis on intonation, rhythm, and tone quality. Check the key signature to determine the appropriate finger pattern.

  • Musicians auditioning that will be new to Sinfonia Orchestra should prepare Violin II excerpts.

  • Musicians auditioning to return to Sinfonia Orchestra should prepare Violin I excerpts.

    • Note:  If Violin I parts seem too challenging, students may prepare the Violin II excerpts.


Perform approximately 2 minutes of a prepared solo of your choice that best demonstrates your technical and musical abilities, as well as your ability to prepare music. This should be a studied, practiced piece and not a work in progress. If you do not study privately, suggested solos include any Suzuki Book Book 2 or Book 3 piece.

Click on the link below to download a PDF file with the audition materials for that instrument:

Violin I