How to Join 

STEP 1: Schedule an Audition

In order to place new members in the appropriate ensemble, prospective members should schedule an audition by contacting the SVYS office. Audition requirements and materials may vary depending on the time of year. The safest thing is to ask the office what audition materials are needed. See our ensembles’ descriptions to get an idea of which group you should audition for.

STEP 2: Register for an Ensemble

After you’ve successfully auditioned and have been placed in an ensemble, you can then register for your ensemble online (register here). It’s important that we receive complete and accurate information on our registration forms so we can serve you best! You may not register for an ensemble you have not been placed in.

STEP 3: Pay your Tuition and Fees

Once you’ve been placed in an ensemble and registered, you’ll be invoiced based on that ensemble’s tuition and registration rates. Tuition rates vary from group to group, and can be paid online (pay tuition here), by check, or over the phone. For questions about tuition and payment plans, please contact the SVYS office.

STEP 4: Gather your Class Materials

Depending on which ensemble you’re in, you’ll need to secure whatever method books are needed for class and an instrument (if you don’t have one already). Class materials are listed in our downloadable Members Handbook.

STEP 5: You’re In!

Congratulations! You’re part of the Sangamon Valley Youth Symphonies now! Come on down to your schedule rehearsals and practice hard to get better and make beautiful music! Make sure you’ve marked our concerts in your calendar, and report any schedule conflicts using our online form.