Sangamon Valley Youth Symphony - Member Data Privacy

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SVYS Respects the Privacy of Your Information

SVYS requests personal information on its registration forms to register families for participation in our programs. We use this information to contact members regarding our programs, schedule, and fund-raising, and to contact responsible parties in an emergency. SVYS retains records of members’ participation. We do not distribute your personal information to any third party.

Why do we ask for your child’s school and private music teacher?

We want to acknowledge the music educators of our students in the printed concert programs. To build community SVYS awareness, we also may contact local schools to let them know about our program and which of their students are participating.

Why do we ask for medical information?

We may need to provide this information to medical personnel if an emergency occurs while your child is participating in the organization's programs and activities when a parent is not present.

How will SVYS use your e-mail addresses?

We use e-mail to contact member families about our schedules and activities. We do not release our e-mail list to any third party. We will honor your request to delete your e-mail address at any time. Messages will typically be sent to all e-mail addresses you provide, including the student’s personal e-mail.

Why do we ask you to identify your employer?

SVYS requests your employer information to assist in grant writing and to obtain matching charitable contributions from the many companies which offer them. Providing this information is optional.

Why do we ask permission to use photographs, video and audio recordings?

The SVYS web site at and our Facebook page are a useful tools in communicating our mission and events to member families and the community at large. Photographs, videos, and audio recordings enhance our web presence on these sites. In addition, we may use photographs on our publicity materials. To withhold permission for the use of photos, videos, and audio recordings, lease check the opt-out box on the registration form or contact the SVYS office.

What about the SVYS web site privacy policies?

Read our web site privacy policy →