Sangamon Valley Youth Symphony Board of Directors

Voting Members

Paul Sullivan President
Christina Spa Vice President
John Myers Treasurer
Jamie Greenwald Secretary
Jan Arnold  
Tricia Becker  
Don Daniels  
Mary Gamble Lueking  
Evyn Neumeister  
Peter Wise  


Matthew G. Sheppard Music Director
Jacquelyn Evers Executive Director
Chenoa Alamu Starter Strings Instructor
Diane Turek Starter Strings Lead Instructor, Sinfonia and Preparatory Orchestra Conductor
Jean Tweet Starter Strings and Junior Strings Instructor


To contact any of the Board of Directors members or staff, please use the 'Contact SVYS' page...

Board of Directors Meetings

Board of Directors meetings are normally held at the Hoogland Center for the Arts on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm.

The SVYS Bylaws provide for guest attendance at Board meetings:

Adult participants in the corporation’s programs, and parents of minor children participating in the corporation’s programs are invited to attend meetings of the board of directors as observers. Minor children and other members of the public may attend only by invitation of an officer or a majority of the board of directors. Guests wishing to address the board must contact an officer two weeks in advance of the meeting and request that an item be placed on the agenda.